To start running in the mountains we should have a training base and good shoes for plantar fasciitis. We have gone from doing nothing to participating in ultra trails, overnight, for the simple reason that it has become fashionable, at the moment it seems that If you do not participate in an ultra, you are nobody. This causes in the best of cases, that this person does not want to know anymore, nothing to run, in the worst, it can cause very serious injuries or even death.

The first objective of the trail running runner must be to enjoy, not to be a finisher (giving pain on arrival is the worst that can happen to us).

We have to get into our heads, that to run, you have to go step by step, this means, go burning stages, we can not dress like chrome and start running up the mountain (surely after a minute we will walk, puffing like fish out of water).

The first thing to know to run and train in the mountains is to know how to walk in the mountains.

Once we have learned to “read” the ground with some ease, and this means knowing how and where we tread at all times, we can plan our training sessions.

The biggest difference that we will find, if we assume that we have already been running on asphalt or “plain” for a long time, is the change of position that we will adopt the terrain, both up and down, if we are not used to it, we will get a good Back pain. To prevent, if it is important to do abdominal and lumbar work to run on a level surface, it is essential for trail running.

In addition to this work, we must incorporate into our workouts an important part of physical preparation, whether in the gym or elsewhere, with the appropriate material. This preparation has to be made up of an important part of proprioceptive work (very important for the ankles), a general part of Core work, and another part of stretching work (Running upwards greatly shortens the ischium, for example).


We will also train in “serious” changes in rhythm, in the mountains, we can go from lowering our pulsations a lot, to getting to the maximum at any time. Good planning of series or intervals is essential to improve our adaptation and our level. These series can be done by climbing stairs, for example, or very strong climbs, so we will not punish the legs so much and others we will be adapting them muscularly to the work of climbing, if we do them on a level, we will have to put a lot of speed to achieve the desired pulsations.

We must also carry out training on difficult terrain (soil) and technical terrain, it is useless to be the strongest if on difficult terrain we have to slow down a lot, because we do not have enough technical level to overcome them. It is also very important to know how to run on steep descents, on the one hand, to avoid injuries and on the other not to waste time, this is achieved by doing decent training, that is, we look for a difficult descent section and we do series just like the uphill ones, yes You have to vary the place because if not, in the end, we will know it and we will not improve.

It is also advisable to do the longest workouts, on a mountain bike, if all the training is done by running, we may have injury problems, especially joints and muscle overload problems.


Material (clothing): we must take into account the changes in weather that can occur in the mountains, we can also sweat a lot going up and then go cold going down and this can greatly affect our performance.

Footwear: This has to be the most suitable for the type of terrain we tread on, with a good sole (grip) and good cushioning.

Provisioning: You must be aware that caloric and liquid consumption increases in the mountains

Height: We may do some training or competition at a considerable height, we must be aware of this and adapt our rhythm, we cannot always count, so many kilometers and so much unevenness, I can go at such a rhythm

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