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The motorcycle and the coronavirus, our passion goes to quarantine

By admin 3 years ago

The cover photo is one of my favorites, I took it from Pienza (Tuscany) from a panoramic point overlooking the wonderful Val D’Orcia, I was on vacation in April, obviously on a motorcycle, with my future wife. More in Max Farmer Blog. You see a winding road that I had just traveled and that I decided to immortalize, it passes through the hills, the farmhouses, the tractors .. in the middle of the scent of the green, of the hay .. moments that are tattooed on you, forever. The bike and the freedom, The passion and the carefree .. a glass of good wine … That photo is what it tells me when I look at it. Today more than ever.

The benefits of outdoor training

By admin 3 years ago

Nothing strengthens the body and does not raise the mood like playing sports. Regular physical activity can correct the figure and give it a slender and graceful silhouette, as well as provide self-confidence because a healthy, strong and beautiful person will always be confident in his abilities. In addition, sports will provide you with healthy sleep, normalize metabolism, and charge you with optimism. There are many places for training, depending on the sport you decide to practice. It can be a sports or gym, a swimming pool, a court, your living room, etc., however, the most effective and useful are outdoor training, which we’ll talk about today. Read about outdoor sport activities.